7 Benefits of using CloudLinux

CloudLinux is an operating system specifically designed for shared hosting providers. More and more hosting providers are switching from traditional Linux environment to CloudLinux, hence it is important to know what makes it more preferred.

Launched in 2010, CloudLinux is a Linux based operating system designed to provide stability and security on the cloud server by isolating each user/tenants in its own distinctive lightweight virtualized environment (LVE).

This caging of tenants to their specific environment results in

  • Dedicated resources – resource usage of one tenant won’t affect the stability of other
  • Improve stability – as the dedicated resources to each tenant won’t let the server slow down
  • Improve security – the caged environment won’t let any malware or virus spread within any client’s website

In addition to these above benefits, CloudLinux offers several other advantages for website’s hosting, some of them include:

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  1. Enhanced Stability

One of the most important benefits and feature of CloudLinux OS is the realization of Virtual Private Space. The private virtual space let you protect your website from other hosting servers which try to slow down or clash with your server. This kind of stability, deliver lesser error messages when someone tried to access your page, thereby generating a high volume of traffic.

  1. Advanced Security

Every now and then CloudLinux releases new and updated security patches to protect the client’s website. The LVE prevent malware and restrict hackers from accessing vulnerable files or loopholes or capturing your information from other users on the same server. In simpler words, CloudLinux helps you create a separate bubble for yourself which not just protect the outer access from hackers, but also prevent your data from getting out.

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  1. Customer Isolation

Unlike other shared servers, where traffic on one website affects the performance of other websites on the server, CloudLinux’s LVE protects the entire server from being affected when one account goes down. It creates a wall around your account, giving you separate space to operate, controlling the amount of RAM and CPU that can be utilized

  1. Multiple PHP versions

PHP selector module in CloudLinux let each user select the PHP version that is required for their website from their control panel.

  1. Easy Conversion

It is pretty easy and convenient to switch to CloudLinux OS from other operating systems. You can buy your license from any ordering platform to enjoy the high-level security updates and patches.

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  1. Superior Support

The customer service support for CloudLinux is always available to support you to ease the process of configuration and installation. They are also happy to help you with usage related concerns, resolving bug fixes, running diagnostics to understand any problem with your website.

  1. Higher Compatibility

The major advantage of switching to CloudLinux OS is its compatibility with other interfaces like cPanel. This higher compatibility between the interfaces let users access the greatest services with lower frustrations. This way, the client can manage their website on their own with a faster free hosting experience

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CloudLinux is easy, reliable, compatible, affordable, advanced, efficient, secure and with great customer support solutions to host your website successfully.

Therefore, it is most advisable to make the best of this opportunity before it gets crowded to reap the maximum benefits the service has to offer.