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CloudLinux OS

7 Benefits of using CloudLinux

CloudLinux is an operating system specifically designed for shared hosting providers. More and more hosting providers are switching from traditional Linux environment to CloudLinux, hence it is important to know what makes it more preferred. Launched in 2010, CloudLinux is a Linux based operating system designed to provide stability and security on the cloud server…

Right Cloud Platform

How to Choose the Right Cloud Platform for your Business

There is no common framework to assess Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and since no two CSPs can be the same, it becomes complicated to select the one that’s right for your business. To help you find the right cloud platform, we will be discussing some basic factors by which you can identify a provider that…


The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is about hosting your website on virtual servers which pool their resources from an expanded network of hidden physical web servers. With cloud hosting, clients have the freedom to use the services as much as they need, depending on their requirements at any given point in time. This makes the hosting quite cost-effective…

Cloud Server Support

How to identify a Cloud Server Support Partner for your Company?

Once you make up your mind to shift to cloud computing, another crucial step is to identify a cloud service provider. From market giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google to some smaller players offering the cloud service, we tell you how to choose which service provider works best with your company requirements. While selecting a…

cloud computing

Can Oracle challenge cloud computing leaders like Amazon and Microsoft?

Oracle cloud computing First thing first, let’s start from the scratch to understand which solution will be the most appropriate for your business. Oracle and Amazon the confrontation never ends Oracle announced the cloud infrastructure of the “second generation”. It is intended for third-party developers who want to use Oracle data centres in their applications. Infrastructure…

Cloud Environment

How Enterprises can Secure Mixed Cloud Environment

According to the new model of economy, business efficiency and security must be inextricably linked. Can innovation be accelerated without compromising safety and control? Is it possible to integrate corporate IT infrastructure and hybrid clouds so that they can be beneficial for business? Only the companies that are able to quickly and securely connect corporate…

Cloud computing

Cloud computing will drive $554B in revenue by 2021

Up till now, maximum cloud revenue forecasts have centred on particular segments of cloud computing, but that approach has been totally modified when International Information Corp. launched its first report at the “complete cloud.” What is Cloud computing? Cloud computing is the provision of computing services (servers, storage, databases, network equipment, software, analytics, etc.) over…

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