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What is Bareos and How to install it?

In today’s world, heterogeneous server infrastructures are considered as a necessity rather than an exception in larger enterprises. The technical need for software systems for backup, archiving and recovery are rising correspondingly. Moreover, a massive amount of sensitive data is continuously being generated and stored, which demand the need of backup solutions that are efficient,…


Why Outsourcing Server Management is good for Business

Servers are the foundation of every online business. It is near impossible to ensure a hassle-free hosting experience if your servers are always choking and pressing. To keep your business running and growing, it is very essential to have an efficient outsourced server management service provider for your servers. Let’s take a look at the…

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Top 7 benefits of outsourced server management services

The small and medium-sized businesses might have few reasons to transfer server support for outsourcing and we are going to mention 7 of them. What is the essence of server? The server is not just a powerful dedicated computer. The server differs from a it in two main ways. The first is the hardware of…

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