How to choose a Web Host Provider for a website like PayPal

One of the biggest dilemmas that the businesses go through is about choosing the server to host their website. Your relationship with a hosting provider is that between two persons in a committed relationship.

If you chose the right one, you can spend a happy life with a reliable and high performing host who is always available for you in your good and bad.

If you rushed into a hosting relationship without doing the extensive research, you may end up in a messy relationship which often ends with headaches. You will be left alone, feeling trapped, misled, or extorted, holding all the files that you used to share.

Let’s take a look at some of the expert tips by which you can find a hosting provider you will love for a lifetime.

  1. The Type of Hosting

Before you start looking for a hosting partner, you need to be clear about what you are expecting from the hosting provider. Just like health conscious people should avoid dating the foodies, you need to be sure of the compatibility with a said hosting provider.

  • For Small and Medium websites – Shared Hosting
  • For Fast-Growing websites with flexibility – Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
  • For maximum Server Resources and Security – Dedicated Hosting
  1. The Type of Website

The types of hosting plan which will be the most suitable for you also depend on the type of website. Different hosting providers focus on different type of functionality.

  • For online store – An eCommerce Hosting Service
  • For business site – A host which can handle your growing business
  1. The Type and Amount of Resources

You need to find a hosting partner which is compatible with your specific needs. For example – a business may prioritize email functionality over storage whereas a developer may prefer high bandwidth and stringent security.

Resources that you to consider as per your specific requirements are:

  • Storage and RAM
  • Bandwidth and Data Transfer
  • Domains and email
  • Uptime Rates and Reliability
  • Security and Support
  1. The Pricing of Web Hosting

While the cost of the web hosting is an essential factor while making the final decision, you do not want to compromise on support and performance.

Remember that free hosting isn’t always a great idea. The convenience and savings on a free hosting are fascinating, but that may not be good with added features, support and security as compared to a reputed hosting provider.

Sometimes, you will find that cheap hosting providers give more value to your investment as they let you customize your hosting plans with dozens of value-added services. This gives you an opportunity to experiment with luxury options like automatic backups, eCommerce tools, and content delivery that too in an affordable plan.


It’s good to think about the bright and busy future of your website. You can’t stay with one type of hosting server for the lifetime, but you can with one hosting provider.

Meaning, if you are on the budget-driven shared hosting you may have to move to VPS or dedicated servers in the future with increase in traffic and requirements.

Our advice is to go with the hosting provider with which you can have a long lasting relationship, which take care of your website with the changing times, and will always be available on phone, chat, or email to answer your burning late-night questions