How to Configure Backups in Cpanel WHM

After creating a backup copy of the site, it is recommended that you download it to your computer or other reliable storage. If available, you can quickly restore your site if necessary, and also if you decide to buy a hosting from another provider and transport the website. Backup data on the hosting is also called Backup.

The procedure for creating a backup is quite simple.

Step 1.
Log into the CPanel control panel in the Backup Wizard, which is located in the Files menu. As a result, the next page will be displayed, in which you will select one of the two functions. The first one suggests creating a backup copy of the site, and the second is to restore the site from existing files. You need to select the first function by clicking Backup.

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Step 2.
On the next page of the Backup Wizard, you must select the type of copy:

Full backup of all files (Full Backup);

Partial copying:

– a full backup of all files (Full Backup);

– a backup of the home directory (Home Directory);

– backup of MySQL databases (MySQL Databases)

– backup of the configuration of mail forwarders and filters (Email Forwarders and Filters).

You can select any item at your discretion and put the files you are interested in, but if you are interested in copying the entire site, it is recommended that you create a full backup, which will include a copy of all of the above files. To do this, select the Full Backup.

You can also copy individually, for example, first create a backup copy of the home directory, and then separately – a copy of the databases. This way should go if you want to make copies of not all files, but only one or more directories or databases.

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Step 3.
On the next page, you need to select the location for the backup. Possible layout options are available from the drop-down menu. Then you can specify the email address (Email) to which the message about the completion of the backup will be sent when it is completed.

In this case, choose the Home Directory, but you can save the backup to a remote server by selecting the appropriate item in the Backup Destination menu and specifying the required data. After selecting the storage location, we click on the button “Generate Backup”.

After that it will be necessary to wait until the backup copy of the site is created. This will take some time depending on the size and number of files to be copied.

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Step 4.
When the backup is completed, you will receive a notification to the e-mail you specified, if this option was enabled. After that it is recommended to download the backup copy of the site to the computer, or another storage. It is worth noting that data recovery from a full backup can not be performed using the CPanel backup wizard, and perhaps only by downloading the archive to the hosting and unpacking it.

In order to view the backup copies of the site available for download, which are stored in your Home directory, go to the Backups item located in the Files menu.

Here you can select available backup copies for download. To download the full backup created by you, click Download or Create a full backup copy (Download or Generate a Full Website Backup).

You can also create a full backup from this menu, and, subsequently, download it. The next window will list the backups that are available for download.

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You can download the copy created by clicking on it with the mouse. After that, the window for selecting the directory on your computer to which you want to download a copy of the site will open.

On this backup of your site was successfully created and saved!

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