Top 7 benefits of outsourced server management services

The small and medium-sized businesses might have few reasons to transfer server support for outsourcing and we are going to mention 7 of them.

What is the essence of server?
The server is not just a powerful dedicated computer. The server differs from a it in two main ways. The first is the hardware of the server. Server hardware is certainly created more reliable and more productive. It has special technological properties, such as memory with parity, RAID controllers, special processor series, support for virtualization operations. All this not only makes the server fast, reliable and fault-tolerant, but also affects the cost of the server.

The second difference is that a special server operating system is installed on the server, supporting the functions necessary for modern systems – Active Directory, network services, virtualization, terminal access and so on.

These features require the administrator, who serves the server, higher qualifications and fundamental knowledge in the field of network technologies.

Why server is important for your online business?
Typically, the server in the office is the heart of the information system. It unites all information resources of the company, stores and processes a huge amount of information, and also provides all client computers connected with it with access to these resources and necessary services. Therefore, proper server maintenance is a critical business process for any company.

Even a small failure of the server hardware is able to block the work of the entire organization. The ‘heart’ of the information system should run smoothly and needs to be taken care of.

Typical tasks included in server maintenance

The roles that are assigned to the servers are very different. It can be a database server, mail, file, remote access server, terminal access, printing, updates, Internet gateway, domain controller and others. The specifics of the role of the server hardware determine the activities that are included in the server maintenance.

Usually the server support includes such important tasks as:

– ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation of the entire corporate network;
– receiving and sending mail;
– regulation of staff access to various services, applications and the Internet;
– protection of information from external attacks;
– structuring, storing and archiving data,
and much more.

Why to outsource server management?

1. Around clock support:
24-hour Service Desk support service, providing fast response of our IT-specialists and prompt processing of all incoming requests. It means that your business will be running without any breaks. The qualified help will be always just a click away.

2. Win the competition:
It will be far easier to win the competition for the customers. You can always buy a server and order its initial configuration, current service, diagnostics, preventive maintenance of malfunctions and modernization.

3. Fast renovation:
By adding new elements to the system you can make your IT environment more flexible. Any changes will be implemented in your IT infrastructure in the shortest time and without downtime in its operation.

4. No more hacks:
Good server management team will make all the preparations for the prompt elimination of any malfunctions that occur during the operation of servers. If you don’t want to do it by yourself, outsource can be the best option.

5. The team of professionals:
It will be quite costly to find the IT professional for each difficulty that can occur with the server. By outsourcing the server management you will get the whole team of professionals, well trained and experienced.

6. On time prevention:
Regular software update, backup, data recovery after unforeseen disruptions and much more has to be taken care of, otherwise you are risky to lose all the data, which is crucial for your company. Sounds terrific, doesn’t it?

7. Cutback of expenditures:
If you would like to keep your sever running you need to have a team of professionals taking care of it. Well, they need a salary, separate working place, pension and health insurance and this just the basics. Might be it’s better to save the money and invest it to the development and growth of your company.

We listen the main 7 reasons to outsource the server support. If you still have a doubt, we will give one more. YSD provides a full range of services for outsourcing server equipment quickly, efficiently, and at attractive prices. We carry out administration, optimization and maintenance of servers already available at enterprises, and also introduce new, more modern software and hardware solutions. Any server that you can buy in our company will be under the strict control of our specialists. This approach guarantees a higher efficiency and stability of the functioning of your company’s IT infrastructure.