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YourServerDoctor offers server management services, Database management services and technical services 24*7. We are one stop solution for hosting companies, dedicated server owners, including Windows and Linux server owners.

We Are ON
24/7/365 We Are ON

We operate 24 by 7 days a week and always ready to assist any technical concerns of our clients.

Immediate start
Immediate start

We offer cost-effective solution without wasting any minute. If you need any urgent assistance regarding below issues, Ring us Now.

  • Crash Recovery Assistance
  • Data Recovery Assistance
  • Disaster Recovery Assistance
  • Software Installation/Setup Assistance
  • Software Reconfiguration Assistance
  • Any Urgent Server Support Services Assistance
Secure connections
Secure connections

Being in Server Management Services, we know the importance of your database. This is why we offer encryption facility in order to provide secure connection to the server that prevents outers from being able to hack your secure data.

30 min response
30 min response time

In today's connected corporations, a technical failure might stop the business. In such situation, speedy and appropriate responses are required. We assure you that we will respond tickets within 30 min, or maximum 1 hour. However, the actual response time is calculated once we inspect how complex the issue is.

No prepayment
No prepayment

Though we love every client but this No Payment offer is valid for new client only. This is just to win the trust of our client. Once they find us reliable, you may pay at completion of your tasks.

Secure process
Secure process, NDA

We are fully confident in our services so we do provide guarantee of non-disclosure of your database and information. Yes. We are ready to sign NDA

Other Services

YourServerDoctor provides managed technical services adopted specifically for hosting companies, dedicated server owners, VPS owners, including Windows and Linux server owners.

  • Initial Server Setup

    Once you hire us for your server management, we will perform the following steps:

    • Check server configuration and it updated with the most recent release version of Operating System and control panel.
    • Perform initial security audit
    • Firewall Installation
    • Add server to our monitoring system
    • Setup and configuration of server applications which provide different hosting services (IIS/apache/mysql/php/exim/etc)
    • Setup of automated maintenance tasks for day to day ongoing operation
  • Initial Security Audit

    In this plan, we will perform security audit for your servers which includes firewall configuration, security hardening of software packages and external scans. Once this is done, we will submit a report to you with our recommendations

  • Pro-active Updates

    We can implement WSUS in your infrastructure which in result monitor updates, upgrades and patches for most server applications. When server detect an update that needs to be applied, we will notify you, and schedule the appropriate time for implementation.

  • Security Audit

    We perform it using antivirus products and any issues detected will be brought to your attention. Depending on the severity, we will discuss with you the options available to resolve this issue, and take the appropriate measures.

  • Monitoring 24x7x365

    We use a monitoring system that allows us monitoring server activity. This tool is capable to gather comprehensive information about the status of your machine, and respond in the event of an outage in a timely manner. Below are few key features:

    • Ensure that all servers are up and running
    • Server performance monitoring
    • Disk usage
    • Number of running processes
    • Network accessibility and IP traffic
    • RAM usage
  • Troubleshooting

    Our technicians have expertise to solve all possible problems:

    • Low Disk Space
    • Performance issues
    • Incorrect users activities (spam, greedily processes, etc)
    • Hardware problems
    • Server upstream problems detection (and conversation with DC about)
    • and many other desktop and server level things
  • Backup

    Managing your organization's data backup isn't easy. Hack attempts and viruses cause continual trouble or distress for server owners. That is why proper backup and storage of your data has never been as important as it is now. Taking Backup of any vital data protects you in the event that original data is lost or destroyed. Depending on your IT infrastructure, we will provide you with the different kind of backup solutions

    • Built-in OS and Control Panel backups with different options: disk-to-disk, disk-to-ftp, disk-to-cloud etc.
    • 3rd party backup solutions
  • Recovery

    Disaster/hack recovery from backups

    What if the worst scenario comes true? Suddenly, all of your servers become unavailable. You contact us and tell us about this nightmare situation. Our team of recovery experts will walk you through the entire recovery process. After the successful recovery, we will provide you with our recommendations on how to improve and reconfigure your servers to achieve full data redundancy and failover protection. Options include:

    • Recover from any backup version
    • Recover an individual file
    • Perform full system recovery
  • Migration

    There are many reasons why you might need to migrate to a new environment. IT is always under pressure to deliver more without spending more especially when IT is not a profit making Investment for any Organization; it is for running their operations. But Innovation is a pretty common term in the world of technology. There is a trend to modernize Server Infrastructure & data centers in order to take advantage of the performance and energy efficiency increases of newer IT equipment and capabilities, such as Virtualization, Storage & Cloud. By Using New trends and technologies you can transform the big, complicated, heterogeneous infrastructure you have today and bring it forward into virtualized to take advantage of the boundless capacity that virtualization offers, while still meeting requirements for security and compliance. You can reduce cost and complexity with technology innovation in storage and networking and deliver services to the business faster. We always make the migration process as easy as possible with minimal downtime.

  • Server Optimization & Hardening

    This service can be either performed on your request or upon our recommendation. We harden your server at all possible levels:

    • Network level optimization
    • Operating system optimization
    • File system level optimization & security
    • and many other related things
  • 3rd Party Software Installation
    • Control panels
    • Web services and applications
    • Database engines
    • Mail
    • Other applications
  • Technical Support (Level 3)

    We provide outsourced remote technical support. Basic issues and troubleshooting:

    • Problems with DNS, Email, other standard services
    • HTML/CGI/PHP/JSP problems
    • Web site setup: httpd.conf, htaccess, file attributes
    • Upload/Download problems
    • Custom addon modules and 3-rd party software
    • Security and passwords (.htaccess, security certificates, etc)
    • and many other related things.

    How It Works?
    • We agree about the required timeframe and response time
    • We assign dedicated supporters or support team for your needs
    • We install your own helpdesk system for you
    • Your users/customers can submit their support requests (tickets) through the helpdesk system
    • You will be able to contact our technicians by e-mail, instant messengers or SMS
    • You always can track our activities and view statistics through the helpdesk system
    • The price may vary depending on:
      • Timeframe and response time. (For example: 09-19 EST x 5 days OR 24x6 OR 24x7x365, etc)
      • Number of servers
      • Number of users
      • Number of accounts
      • Number of virtual servers
      • Number of served tickets