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that suits your business needs
entrepreneurs who have a fresh idea and develop a new web application, small web hosting companies, VPS owners, starters and newbies.

Please note : Our aim is to provide you with the reliable and high quality server management. Of course, all startups can count on special low prices. This plan will satisfy your particular server administration needs and also will be a great support for your startup. The following services are included into this support plan:

Enterprise Desktop and Server Services
This plan is developed to meet the needs of dedicated server owners, data centers and large web-hosting companies

Please note : this plan includes wide range of server management and server support services like. check the complete listing of our services and our expertise. We have a special discount plan for any additional server(s) you would like us to manage.

Adhoc task services
This plan is designed for cases that require one time or hourly attention and decisive actions.

Please note : If you need any urgent help related to the issues described above, we can offer you a quick and cost-effective solution. Please contact us with your inquiry or/and issue description and we will do our best to help you